Don Ayers Osprey Nest Islamorada

THE OSPREY NEST is owned and hosted by Don Ayers, a retired real estate broker from a huge California ski area. I do not shovel snow anymore!

I purchased The Osprey Nest in 1991 and immediately started renovating. Originally the property had been a small boutique motel which was divided into apartments in 1974 by gentlemen from Richmond, VA. What you see today is the result of several years of my efforts. In 2008 I wrote a condo plan for the whole property which was recorded in early 2009.

Originally from North East Missouri where I attended the University of Missouri, I spent many years of my business career working for large national corporations including GM, IBM and Xerox prior to becoming a real estate broker/developer in Mammoth Lakes, California. During my corporate business career I lived in many areas in the U.S. including Kansas City, Topeka, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco and Denver.

As a broker/developer I built single family residences, condo projects, small commercial projects and created residential lot subdivisions. I am now enjoying the warm winters of Arizona where, as you have heard, it is a “dry heat”. I built my present home in 2012 in North Maricopa County, AZ. I am single and enjoy a large group of friends that get together quite often. Quite regularly I end up doing the food preparation.

Many have called me a water freak but, in reality, sailing is my real water sport. Sailing all over the western hemisphere has been my enthusiastic joy. I am not much of an off-shore fisherman but can hold my own going after trout in the mountains. I also enjoy artificial bait cast fishing. Don’t ask me for advice on your outboard motor either as I haven’t a clue. Other activities I have enjoyed include flying small planes, sail planes, Kayaking, white water rafting and traveling all North America, The Caribbean, Europe and Mexico. Greece is special to me.

I first came to Holiday House in the late 1980’s as a renter. I actually rented from one of the present Holiday House owners in an effort to thaw out from the long winters Mammoth Lakes enjoys. I came with a lady, two cases of California wine, a couple of Schipperke dogs and a Zodiac inflatable boat. I was offered the opportunity to purchase in 1991 by one of the original Richmond owners and jumped at the chance to purchase the premium home in a development populated by friends as owners.

I must admit I enjoy the Keys Cuisine very much. I think the best seafood in the world is available in Islamorada whether it is the shrimp, stone crab or one of the great varieties of Snapper. I hope you agree.